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Who we are!

Major Kicks For Kids or MKFK is more than a "shoe donation organization." We donate quality shoes as a conversation starter to provide resources to benefit youth, families and adults in need. Our resources include educational materials, classes, seminars, and partnerships.

About The Founder

Major Williams, is one of four children, who came from poverty and raised by a single mother in the South Dallas Housing projects in the 1980's and 90's. Although, Major had hard beginnings, he did not allow that to stop him from becoming a sneaker enthusiast and connoisseur. But instead, allowed his upbringing to mold him into becoming a philanthropist. 


As he recalls, Air Jordan III came out in 1988, and "every young person in my neighborhood dreamt about getting a pair of Jordans."   His older cousin, who was from a middle class family, was able to afford the latest shoes.  Major asked, "when you grow out of them, can you please give them to me?" And sure enough, a year later, his dream came true. The Jordans were worn, but they were his very own and he was going to cherish them. He was very grateful to be one of the kids in school with a 100 dollar pair of shoes on, no matter what they looked like.  One day he noticed that his big toe was coming through the top of his shoe. He was unable to buy new shoes, so he did the next best thing, and got a Sharpie marker and blackened the part of his white sock that was peering through the hole.  He got great wear out of those shoes and he wore them everyday for 2 years. He knew what it meant to have a good quality shoe that would last. This life changing event of acquiring his cousin's Jordans would be the catalyst for creating his foundation.


From 2004 thru 2018, Major would go on to work with nonprofit organizations and state agencies that helped youth with wrap around services. These particular services helped guide people from the ages of 14 to 25 into society. After work, the work did not stop. He would go out on his own and give his time to local people in the community. Williams, would walk around Los Angeles buying people in need food and would give others money or would simply talk to people to get their story. One man started shedding tears when Major asked, "hey man, what's your name?" He explained, "I'm sorry, it's been so long since I've been asked that question,... I forgot my own name." And he thanked him for noticing him. Over the years, Major's shoe collection grew to the point where he needed to get rid of the pairs he no longer wore. And he felt it was his duty to give them to people who needed them, verses selling them.  Just like that, he started giving away his shoes.  No matter the time or place, Major would hand out shoes that he kept in his car in case he saw someone walking the streets who needed them. He remembers the time he gave away a pair of 'Yeezys' and would never forget that persons reaction, because he saw himself in them. He was the same boy who was gifted a pair of Jordans 30 years prior and never forgot how those shoes made him feel and how that experience shifted his life forever.  His compassion and empathy resonates, because he is the people he serves. He believes great quality, comfortable shoes should be experienced by everyone. The Lord was calling him to serve and Major answered with Major Kicks For Kids. Major understands and knows that all people should have the opportunity to experience a better quality of life and why not start at your feet!  

The MKFK concept started 17 years ago and has donated 1056 pairs of new shoes in partnership with several brands and off brand companies. 100's of gently worn shoes have been contributed from online influencers, athletes, celebrities, friends, family and donors like you reading now.

Can we kick it, yes we can!





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